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Cold Calling Services

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What do our cold-calling packages include?

Save time by qualifying leads right when they come into your pipeline. Our outsourced sales team can gather data about your prospects, qualify them based on your criteria, and pass this info along to optimize your funnel. Additionally, we can manage your lead capture forms, prospect research, top-of-funnel efforts to maximize sales opportunities, and field outbound calls across time zones using virtual phone numbers. This give you time to keep your CRM database updated and organized so that your sales staff can handle data entry and retrieval, or schedule appointments with leads and clients.

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Cold Calling Services

Cold Calling Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?
After your initial phone call, our team will reach out to you for onboarding and you’ll receive an email detailing everything we need to get started. From there, we will collect your consult sheet, once we receive all the deets, that’s when the “timer” starts—we’ll start working on your project!
What happens after I pay and Can I get my money back or cancel the services?
Once you pay for the service, you will receive immediate access to our team, which will be an email confirming your service, what we need to get started, and an onboarding call. No, our fees are not refundable and the service cannot be canceled.
If I have questions about something, can receive support?
Yes, you will receive our contact information to send us an email.
Can I get the services, if I don't have a business already?
Yes,  you can get your services done and when you are ready to launch you will be ready.