Excell Helps is an 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, serving as the philanthropic arm of Excell, offering comprehensive resources to small businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, and employees around the world while reaching underserved communities with its free events.

Through individual donations and institutional sponsorships, the foundation supports Excell trainings, events, programs, and mentorships to develop companies, emerging leaders, and employees while uplifting communities.


-Training, Workshops

-Programs, Live Sessions


Message from the President

I am grateful to embark on this journey to unite companies, and individuals to support the bigger purposes of the development of small businesses, and emerging leaders and employees. I have been in business for over 18 years and I wish there were resources available in one place to meet me at each milestone of your development along the way. Excell is definitely the gateway and with this nonprofit Excell resources will expand exponentially. Together we can Excell the world and the people within. The financial support will help increase our reach to ensure we can get only the top experts from around the world to increase our resource base.

We need quality employees, leaders, and small businesses to work together.

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101 Business Growth gor Excell Clients who

Participated in the programs and mentorship.