“My google ad is now active. Also, I did apply for the grant with COH and Fort Bend. Fort Bend called me back asking for additional information. I submitted the requested documents and I’m waiting to hear back.”

-Sydney Brown

Excell Focus Group

Attend a session

Get immediate feedback, insight & commentary.

This is your time to bring before our group your concept, idea, or launch to get feedback before you launch it to the world. All feedback is with love with the goal of you fulfilling your end result.

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Why you should have a focus group?

Being in business does not have to be hard especially when you want to pitch, launch or sell a new offer in the market place to your audience. This is where focus groups come in to play. With our focus groups, you can,

  • Clarify and test what your audience or peer group wants.
  • Understand any met and unmet needs.
  • Hear customer feedback in their own words and voices.
  • Uncover ideas and issues that may be important to the customer.

Allow our EXCELL Q & A sessions to be your go to “google.”

Our Focus Group is for you if…

  • You have an idea you want to turn into a business and need feedback before you do
  • You are looking to be a part of an ambitious, goal oriented, and loving community
  • You want to continue to stay up-to-date in this competitive market place
  • You want get know the needs, wants of thoughts of your audience or peer group

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program refundable?

No, this program is not refundable? Once you pay for the program, you will receive immediate access to the program and will have access to the training for life.

If I have questions about something in this training, can receive support?

Yes, you will also receive  a link to join our online community where you can answer questions, 

Am I a good fit, if I don't have a business already?

Yes,  you can take this course, if you want to start a business but don't know what type to start, how to get started or to get an idea. 

What if I am an employee at a company, can I use this program?

Yes, you can take this course.  Taking this training will allow you to gain skills to help your company advance and offer solutions to help grow your employer and allow you to add value to the company.