Welcome to Dare to Excell Podcast, think of #DareToExcell as as not your typical business podcast. We ​talk ​about soooo many things from mindset to lifestyle while dropping business ​gems specific to certain ​areas in business and while sharing stories to inspire ​people to see themselves and possibilities that can ​be created.

These are real people who are not in film, tv, entertainment, not a celebrity but people like me and you who ​started building their wealth ​and legacy while working their jobs or utilizing their passions and skills.

Kat St. John,

Artist & Entrepreneur

From pharmacy consultant to building ​her own entertainment brand.

In this episode, artist & entrepreneur, Kat ​St. John discusses her journey to success, ​entrepreneurial endeavors while following ​her dreams into music, clothing and more.


YouTube sensation & influencer

How Kianna Jay Made 1 million on ​Youtube

In this episode, artist & entrepreneur, ​Kianna discusses her leap of faith in ​starting her YouTube channel, and making ​millions as an influencer. We discuss ​mindset, relationships and love-life.

Libra McGi,

Professional organizer, closet & pantry designer

From Corporate Tech Guru to ​Celebrity Closet & Pantry Designer ​and professional Organizer

In this episode, professional organizer & ​designer Libra McGi discusses her journey ​in corporate America and how she create a ​side hustle using her skillset of ​organization then transitioning into ​corporate America.


aka Your Millionaire Bestie, hotel and ​childcare owner.

From Daycare Employee to Childcare ​Owner and Hotel Owner.

In this episode, Darren pulls back the ​curtain on his entrepreneurial journey, ​revealing the highs, lows, and invaluable ​lessons learned along the way. From his ​early struggles to his groundbreaking ​achievements, Darren’s story is sure to ​inspire and motivate.


Influencer & Youtube Star

She is best known for her lifestyle, ​pranks, and parenting videos on ​YouTube.

In this episode, discover how Carmen ​turned her passion into profit and built her ​brand from scratch. She’ll share with us ​the ups and downs of her journey, ​revealing how she transformed her ​passions into a thriving brand empire. ​Carmen’s story is packed with valuable ​insights and practical tips for aspiring ​entrepreneurs like you!


Youtube producer and multimedia owner

He is a 30 time billboard charting ​grammy nominated record producer, ​music label owner, entrepreneur, and ​real estate investor,

Get ready to be blown away as Floyd, ​shares his incredible story, from his ​humble beginnings in music to his ​remarkable rise as a business mogul. ​Discover the secrets behind his Billboard ​charting hits and learn how he successfully ​transitioned into the world of ​entrepreneurship. From music to real ​estate, Floyd’s journey is filled with ​invaluable lessons and insights that you ​won’t want to miss! Tune in now and be ​inspired to create your own path to ​success!

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Loud Speaker Illustration  You possess expertise in a subject or skill that the show hasn’t ​explored yet.

Loud Speaker Illustration  Your entrepreneurial journey is authentic and unfiltered, rather ​than being overly polished.

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​Host and Founder

Roxell Richards Esp?

I believe that we all have a special spark meant to be ​shared. I am here to help those who have been ​marginalized, overlooked, don’t fit in, and misguided. I am in ​all these categories and have risen to build my own ​business brand and use my life and example to excel others ​in their life’s work, business, and life path to realize their ​own success through my practical and actional courses, ​and trainings founded at www.excellofficial.com

For the last 20 years, I have helped people turn their ​passions, skills, and innovations into their own profitable ​nitch based business, or brand as well a consultant to ​people running their million-dollar empires while building my ​own multimillion dollar law firm roxellrichards.com from ​scratch.

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