Start, Launch, Grow:

An Online Business Development Program

Transform your Business with:

✔️ 5 Modules (Including 120 Lessons)

✔️ Free Lifetime Mentorship (Bimonthly Q&A’s & Workshop)

✔️ A Physical Planner, Certificate & Unlimited Lifetime Access

Start building a profitable, sustainable, and scalable business.


Welcome to Start
Launch Grow

The #1 Most Comprehensive Business Development Program for Businesses and Aspiring Business Owners

This is different from your average online course. Start Launch Grow takes business education to the next level, providing tangible, immediate results. You’ll gain access to an exclusive community and connect with industry experts, top founders, and CEOs through workshops and masterclasses.

Take a Peek Inside Our Program

This is a Life-
Changing Journey

I’ll provide the necessary tools to tap into creative solutions for your unique challenges, develop a business plan that works for you, and get real-time feedback on your progress. Plus, you’ll receive personalized one-on-one sessions with me to help you stay focused and achieve amazing results.

This journey will provide the opportunity to:

✔️ Gain clarity on Your Mission and Vision

✔️ Establish yourself as an Industry Authority

✔️ Create Brand Visibility & Recognition

✔️ Boost Sales with High-End Packages

Building a heart-centered business goes beyond mere financial gain – it’s about making an impact and inspiring others

Stop worrying and start winning!

Avoid years of costly trial and error with a program that is suited for your business.

It Only Takes 12 Weeks to Transform Your Business!

And I’m here to show you how to plan your lessons to fit your lifestyle. Dive into action-packed worksheets and access videos for immediate results from each lesson. You’re welcome to share your progress with our private community and connect with fellow business builders!


Receive  Your ​Certificate Upon Completion.

When you finish the program, you’ll be awarded a certificate for excelling in Marketing, recognizing you as a true expert in the field. The Excell University Certification Program equips professionals, leaders, and organizations to implement our result-oriented strategies for a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Remember, mastery of each lesson is crucial for successful program completion.

With Start, Launch, Grow, You Enjoy Lifetime Access To:

SLG-Done-For-You: A $500 Value

Expert Bio Template: Your professional story, expertly crafted.

  • Gain confidence with a professional bio.
  • Win credibility with your target audience.
  • Achieve instant authority.

SLG-Freebie-Outreach: A $1500 Value

Outreach Scripts: Your key to meaningful connections.

  • Make genuine connections that convert
  • Spark interest in your products or services effortlessly
  • Convert leads with messaging that resonates

SLG-Done-For-You: A $500 Value

Your roadmap to success.

  • Reach your goals with ease
  • Learn how to execute your plans effectively
  • Apply this process to any business goal you have

SLG-Done-For-You-Services: A $1000 Value

Expert Services at a discount: Your business essentials, made affordable.

  • Get what you need for your business at a discounted price
  • Transferrable discount code applicable to any service
  • Discount code that never expires

SLG-Done-For-Your-Updated: A $1500 Value

Outreach Scripts: See them in action

  • Get up close and personal with our processes
  • Ask questions, learn, and streamline your operations

SLG-Digital-Success: A $2500 Value

DIY Digital Success: Master the digital domain.

  • Learn how to create your website and funnels.
  • Understand SEO basics and website fundamentals
  • Two comprehensive walk-through tutorials included

SLG-Virtual-Assistants: A $1000 Value

Find and onboard your ideal Virtual Assistant.

  • Learn how to identify the right fit
  • Master the basics of onboarding
  • Benefit from our expert services discount

Say Hello to Your Biz Mentor, Roxell Richards!

Roxell isn’t just any mentor. She’s a super trial attorney, an awesome entrepreneur, a cool community activist, and a top-notch rainmaker. From zero to hero, she turned her law firm into a multi-million dollar success story.

She’s been there, done that, and helped loads of consultants, celebs, brands, and folks like you build solid businesses. Spotting opportunities? That’s Roxell’s game! She’s teamed up with big names and made things happen.

And the best part? Her mentoring style is real, warm, and totally inspiring. She connects with people in a way that gets them moving. Because with Roxell, you don’t hold back, you go all in!

What are you waiting for? Say yes to success with Roxell by your side!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new and don't have a business yet-will SLG work for me?

Yes, yes, and yes! No matter where you are on your journey, SLG is here to guide and empower you. It’s time to turn those dreams into reality!

Is this program refundable?

Celebrate the commitment! As soon as you step in, you unlock lifetime access. It’s all yours, with NO refunds.

Can I get support if I have questions about the training?

Of course, you can! Our vibrant online community is your safe space to ask, share, and grow together.

Am I good fit if I don't already have a business?

Absolutely! Whether you’re just dreaming or ready to dive in, this course is your launch pad. Let’s ignite that entrepreneurial spirit!

What if I am an employee at a company, can I use this program?

Indeed, you can! With this course, you’ll be empowered to bring fresh ideas and growth to your company. Be the change you want to see!

100% Money-Back Guarantee- Your Success is Our Promise!

Keep the Momentum Going Even After Completing the Program These 7 Advanced Bonuses!

We stand tall, we stand proud, and most importantly, we stand behind everything we do! Just as we coach in our Program, we deliver on our word. That’s why we’ve got this solid money-back guarantee backing us up.

If by the time the final bell rings, you’ve journeyed with us through every step of the program, but you don’t feel we’ve kept our promise, just drop us a line. We’ll issue you a full refund, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Got a question? An idea? Or just want to chat?

Feel free to reach out to us at We’re here for you every step of the way!

Dare to Excel. Can’t wait to see y’all at the finish line

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