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Sydney Gilmore

 “My google ad is now active. Also, I did apply for the grant with COH and Fort Bend. Fort Bend called me back asking for additional information. I submitted the requested documents and I’m waiting to hear back.”

Marcus Heidman

“Just wanted to tell you thank you for all the great advice, information and sacrifices you have made to help me and all of us. I appreciate everything you have done and are doing.”

Tess House

“Content provided to prior coaching sessions made me want to dwelve further with the information provided by Roxell.”

Deidre Dearman

” I purchased this program because you
have inspired me to be the best version that
I know I can be” 

Dominique DeLalaine

 “I wanted to connect with someone who is successful business owner who could provide VALUABLE and real guidance.”

Rumonda Solomon

“I had a phone conversation with Roxell and she was so passionate into what she is doing and I look up to powerful women such as her because I want to be there in my life someday”

Kayla Brown

“Roxell Richards Google Ads works! I appreciate your effort and dedication for our success.”

Kenithia Evans

” I did not have any other choice. Your free coaching changed my life!” 

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