Why Roxell decided to build a startup?

Hi I’m Roxell!

Your Injury Attorney, Business Mentor, and Teacher

Why Roxell decided to build a startup in the wake of ​her success as a law Firm Owner

What lead you to establish Excell?

I decided to follow through on this vision I have been having since 2018, but I didn’t execute it ​because I felt I was ungrateful for the success that was already manifesting in my business and I also ​dealt with imposter syndrome. I kept telling myself, what did I have to prove, and more importantly ​why would I want to add additional stress to my life? Then, I went back and forth and back and forth ​with myself telling myself that there were enough companies out there doing what I wanted to do, so ​where would I take up space? Then something happened. THE PANDEMIC! I saw people looking for ​something to help them develop their skills, tap into their unique skills and gifts in a way that they ​could not only make an impact but make a profit for themselves, or looking for a place they could go ​to get business services done at an affordable price. By this time, I had invested so much money into ​my personal and business development, so it was TIME.







How did you come to love doing this type of work?

I have always loved helping being develop their full potential in their business and helping others ​develop a personal brand. I have done this not only through my work as a lawyer when I did ​entertainment,but through my own management and record label I used to own called Visionworld ​Entertainment. Seeing opportunity in business and people is a gift that comes to me naturally. Also, ​since entreprenuership has been in me since I was 9 years old creating a job for myself a the local ​pizza parlor folding boxes because I saw a need in the owners’ operations that needed to be met so ​customers would not wait. This is truly my passon.

Can anyway purchase any of the trainings from Excell?

Yes, the trainings will help you no matter where you are in your career, business or lifestyle especially ​the Excell training.

Will you give up practicing law to pursue this passion fulltime?








No, I don’t preach this. In fact, I love practicing law and it is also a passion of mine and I don’t ​feel like I should have to compromise either. If you build a team, then its actually quite easy ​and this is where Excell can help you to do the same.

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